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Sometimes a little change can make a huge difference

A couple months ago, I treated a young woman who had shown up in my office with a bunch of cavities. She had seen her dentist in New York maybe four months before seeing us in Beaufort.

It was hard to imagine how all these cavities could’ve cropped up in such a short period of time. But after a little discussion about her daily routine, we discovered that she was nursing a 16 oz bottle of soda throughout the day. Sometimes it was diet soda; but most times, it was regular cola. OMG! So much sugar swimming around in her mouth – providing the perfect storm for decay.

After some extensive dental work (with oral sedation), this young lady knew she had to change her habits. She’s replaced her daily can of soda habit with bottled water. And when she does drink that occasional soda, she knows she’ll be brushing her teeth soon afterwards.

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